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Volume-1 Issue-1, 2020

Research on the 60-Year Development of China’s Translation Markets by Chuanmao Tian

Mohammed Eltahier Abdalla Omer

Postgraduates of the School of Foreign Studies, Yangtze University, Hubei Province 434023 P. R. China.

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Citation: Qian Yan & Xu Wang. Research on the 60-Year Development of China’s Translation Markets by Chuanmao Tian, Tryaksh International Journal of Humanities (TIJH), Volume 1 Issue 1: Tryaksh. 1(1): 1-1.
Corresponding Author: Qian Yan, Postgraduates of the School of Foreign Studies, Yangtze University, Hubei Province 434023 P. R. China.
Copyright: © Qian Yan & Xu Wang, Open Access 2020. This article, published in Tryaksh International Journal of Humanities, is available under a Creative Commons License (Attribution 4.0 International), as described by


Objectives: The objectives of this study were to assess the approach and management of suspected encephalitis cases in Omdurman Teaching Hospital.
Methods: This study was a descriptive cross-sectional study over 6 months (May to October 2019). The study included 84 patients with suspected encephalitis, selected by convenience sampling. A standardised questionnaire was used to interview patients and the collected data was analysed by SPSS version 27.0.


Results: Themost common presenting symptoms among the study participants were fever and headache (100%), seizures (36.9%) and agitation (28.6%). Neurological examinations showed hemiparesis in 13.1% of patients. Complete blood counts showed lymphocyte predominance in all patients. 65.5% of patients made a full recovery, whereas 26.2% of cases culminated in motor deficit.
Conclusion: The patients’ outcome was poor as below two-thirds of suspected encephalitis cases recovered fully. The NICE criteria for diagnosis had not been adequately followed, as only a minority of patients had undergone CSF and MRI investigations.


Recommendations: Greater adherence to NICE diagnostic criteria must be observed. Documentation of specific reasons is also necessary if neurological imaging is not used. The exact etiology must be identified and targeted antimicrobial treatment must be initiated. If CSF results cannot be obtained in cases of suspected encephalitis, rapid administration of intravenous acyclovir should be included as part of empirical antimicrobial therapy.

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This book gives a general description of the nature, features, component parts, and current situation of the translation market. It divides the translation market of the People’s Republic of China (1949-2009) into the translation market of the planned-economy period (1949-1977), the translation market of the conomic transition period (1978-1992), and the translation market of the market-economy period (1993- 2009).

It holds the idea that the translation market in the planned-economy period is a kind of closed seller’s arket, the translation market in the market-economy period is a kind of open buyer’s market, and the translation market in its true sense came into being in the period of economic transition. It makes a systematic exploration of the translation markets in the three periods, analyzes the intrinsic and extrinsic reasons for the differences between the translation markets, and finally predicts the development trend of the translation market. The book consists of nine chapters, including “Introduction”, “Research Methods for the Translation Market”, “An Outline of the Translation Market”, “The Translation Market in the Planned-Economy Period”, “The Translation Market in the Period of Economic Transition”, “The Translation Market in the Market-Economy Period”, “Differences Between the Translation Markets and Cause Analysis”, “The Development Trends of the Translation Market”, and “Conclusion”. It is the first scholarly monograph of its kind in China which focuses on the language service industry from a historical perspective.

It provides some insights into the appearance and development of translation markets, even though it is not reliable enough in collection of first-hand data, nor systematic and cutting-edge in formulation of a coherent theory on the translation market. In future, translation scholars will break away from traditional research models such as text analysis, and enter the domain of language services to probe into the entire process of translating in an environment which is quite different from the traditional rubber-and-pencil translation mode.

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